Monday, March 18, 2013

VFX Reel 2013

Here is my latest work showcasing some of the effects I did in Heart of the Swarm in Game Cinematics. (Spoilers)
Shot Breakdown:
00:00:02-00:00:06 Environment dust, debris.
00:00:07-00:00:37 Energy shield, electricity, hand print energy
00:00:37-00:00:40 Warping in and dropping out of warp
00:00:43-00:00:50 Tracers, muzzle flashes, heating up of gun, barrel smoke, background clouds, explosions in clouds, afterburners on drop pods, pod trails and smoke
00:00:51-00:00:56 Kerrigan hand energy, steam and distortions, sparks and electricity spikes. 
00:00:57-00:01:09 Cockpit displays and UI
00:01:10-00:01:15 Laser, animate scope lens, smoke
00:01:16-00:01:20 Animated screen
00:01:21-00:01:37 Background membrane, bubbles, distortions
00:01:38-00:01:52 Kerrigan's power beam, flying debris, dust, animated movement of matte painting and added lightning blasts. (Matte painting of the storms done by Tae Choi)
00:01:53-00:01:59 Kerrigan's power, lightning, debris, dust
00:02:00-00:02:04 Water drips on window, lightning inside clouds
00:02:05-00:02:25 Pylon energy explosions, crystal shatter physics animations, blue energy glows, dust and debris, Nydus worm explosion and ground impact
00:02:26-00:02:30 PSI blade and energy sparks
00:02:31-00:02:34 Eye smoke and energy sparks